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Our institutional driven investment management and trading operations begins with a comprehensive offering of proprietary strategies and products. Explore more and learn what strategies and products best fit your investment needs.

Our OCIO solution gains you access to our proprietary strategies, products, and research. We provide you with an assortment of solutions and risk tolerance objectives suitable to your clients’ needs. Whether you’re seeking global, US-only allocation, current income, capital preservation, cash management, or specific institutional tailored strategies, we believe we have the investment solution for you.

Our Asset Allocation Strategies


Our multi-asset (MA) investment solutions provide global exposure with a combination of individual equities and bonds combined with exchange traded funds (ETF) and/or mutual funds (MF). Our investment styles vary from value to growth, and we offer capital preservation as well as aggressive equity risk objectives options. Our MA strategies are anchored by one of Little House’s individual product portfolios. Our MA strategies are highlighted below.

US Focused (Excludes International Investments)

Our US Focused strategies (USF) provide access to large, mid, and small-cap equities using either value, core, or growth investment styles . These strategies are anchored by one of Little House’s proprietary equity products and include closely monitored individual bonds, exchange traded funds (ETF) and/or mutual funds (MF), facilitating exposure to various market segments. Your investment objectives can vary from capital preservation to aggressive growth depending on your risk tolerance. Our USF strategies are highlighted below.

Institutional (For accounts more than $5 Million)

These multi-asset strategies offer global exposure and hold individual equities, individual bonds, alternatives, ETFs, and/or MFs. More often, institutional strategies are administered to specifically stated investment objectives governed by formal Investment Policy Statements (IPS). These strategies typically use a combination of various Little House’s equity products and closely monitored individual bond portfolios. An example of our institutional multi-asset strategy is highlighted below.

Smart Active Passive ETF (For accounts less than $250 thousand)

This multi-asset ETF and MF only strategy (Smart AP) leverages Little House Capital’s asset allocation decisions giving smaller accounts access to global markets. An example of our Smart AP strategy is highlighted below.

Active Fixed Income

Our Active Fixed Income only strategy gives exposure to all sections of the bond market. This strategy consists of individual municipals, corporates, treasuries, and CDs as well as supplemental exchange traded funds and mutual funds for liquidity. An example of our active fixed income strategy is highlighted below.

Our Equity Products

Dividend Income+ (Value)

Seeks to achieve higher dividend income with potential for capital appreciation over time. The product looks to capture a dividend yield exceeding the yield of the S&P 500. A fundamental factor driving selections is that each company pays a dividend as such dividends are paid only from free cash flow (FCF). Our performance benchmark is the average of S&P 500 and Russell 1000 Value indices with an expected dividend yield of 1.5x of the S&P 500.

Absolute Opportunity+ (Growth)

Seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation. The investment portfolio looks to invest opportunistically and selects companies with compelling upside potential, pricing inefficiencies, and/or identified event-based opportunities. Our performance benchmark is the average of S&P 500 and Russell 1000 Growth indices.

Core+ (S&P 500)

Seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation and favorable risk-adjusted returns. The investment portfolio looks to invest in companies with sustainable competitive advantages, durable growth prospects, improving earnings, and strong free cash flow. Capital appreciation will be measured relative to the returns of the S&P 500 index.


Evolution is a US-centric equity product, focused on technology and large-cap stocks. Our strategy involves deep analysis into individual companies, coupled with insight from technical and macro-economic perspectives, to construct a portfolio typically comprising 20-40 positions.

Our Cash Management Products

Short-Term (Two-year duration, capital preservation, high yields)

Short-Term (Bonds Only). Little House offers short-term cash management solutions for investors and institutions seeking to conserve capital while achieving a higher yield than prevailing bank deposit rates. Corporations, Foundations, Endowments, and High Net Worth individuals with a 1–2 year time horizon seeking higher interest yields typically use these products.

Short-Term Bonds + Dividend Income. Little House also offers individuals and institutions a truly income-focused portfolio that incorporates a small portion of high dividend paying stocks generating high current income streams.

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