Our Mission

Job one: A trusting relationship

Whether a wealth management, outsourced CIO, or retirement solutions client, we strive to gain our clients’ trust through our experienced professionals and related services offerings. Our success is best measured by the firm’s ability to exceed our clients’ expectations in achieving their specific goals.

Highlights of What You Should Expect

Your General Contractor. Coordinating the advice of lawyers, accountants, investment professionals and perhaps other professionals often is a formidable task for anyone. Our team of professionals will formulate your “Financial Blueprint” ensuring the job gets done on time by adhering to the stated objectives.

Action and Results. Project management involves proven methods oriented to each client’s specific needs. At Little House, our formal proposal often begins with a detailed Scope Statement that defines, designs, and implements your plan to achieve your desired outcome.

Risk-based, Structured Investment Approach. You can select from a range of strategies and products tailored to your specific risk, income requirements, and longer-term goals. Whether you need current investment income to supplement retirement or access to growth to capture long-term capital appreciation, we offer a variety of solutions that are intended to meet our clients’ needs.

Easy Access to Information. Our technology platform integrates planning data, critical third-party transaction/ account balances, and other vital financial information into a unique location on our systems. Our tools provide you the capability to securely store critical documents, contacts, and other pertinent information in a single and secure location. This information can easily be and electronically shared in, and among, your professional and family network.

Complete Transparency. We strive to be fully transparent and honest in everything we do for you. We try to find and cut redundant fees and expenses.

Get it Done Team of Professionals. Our in-house Attorney and team of Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and Portfolio Managers bring decades of experience to bear to formulate cohesive and customized wealth plans for our clients.

We invite you to our home to experience the Little House difference for yourself.

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