Participant Services

Participant services provides employee education on how to best prepare for retirement. Little House Capital encourages participants to plan and prepare for retirement by detailing the long-term impact of saving now versus later.

Educational Services

Onsite Group & 1:1 Meetings

  • 401(k) Plan Education
  • Investment Basics
  • Financial Planning
  • Social Security & Medicare
  • Savings Rates
  • Investment Strategy

Health + Wealth Focus

Guidance on a variety of topics:

  • Health + Wealth Planning
  • Financial Wellness
  • Insurable Risks
  • College Savings Plans
  • Planning for Short and Long-Term Goals

Lessons @ Lunch

  • Quarterly live webinars on various financial topics (events calendar)
  • Presentations recorded and housed on Sentinel website
  • BrainShark

Training and Participant Roadmap

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