Family Office

When a Larger House is Needed.
Offering expanded service alternatives to select families requiring a more advanced solutions to achieve the desired goals. Little House’s senior advisors streamline the many complexities associated with large pools of family assets across many generations. Through the strength and depth of our many internal professionals and outside relationships, Little House’s Family Office solution delivers exceptional client service to the ultra-high net-worth community. We understand the many complex challenges you face; therefore we offer access to comprehensive and sophisticated investment solutions bundled into a transparent and easily understood reporting structure tailored to each family’s specific needs.

Our Family Office Structure

  • Investment Solutions and OCIO Services: We offer a complete menu of reporting and back-office services that clients outsource to our integrated solutions team.
  • Private Banking and Credit Lines: We offer access to several unique banking solutions tailored to your financial needs, avoiding the myriad of underwriting and compliance requirements of a traditional bank.
  • Establishing and Maintaining Your Philanthropic Goals: Your dedicated Advisor consults with you and collaborates on an integrated plan to optimally support each of your philanthropic endeavors.
  • Wealth Management and Financial Planning: Supporting the relationship with your advisor, a team of financial planning, executive services, and our diversification/allocation experts manage the protection and growth of your investments.
  • Leadership and Critical Advice: Provide insight and research on investment opportunities, market guidance, and a macroeconomic perspective in a timely and transparent fashion.
  • A Trusted General Contractor: As a trusted partner, our approach is highly personal; combined with the significant resources of our firm and professional networks we can offer access to unique investment opportunities and provide specialized advice to deliver such service.

Administrative Services

Our family office clients demand a level of administrative service focused on what wealth cannot pay for – time

At Little House Capital, our Family Office clients enjoy a level of service driven to remove time consuming tasks often encountered in investment management, estate planning, tax saving strategies, and accounting. Our approach is focused around saving you time to enjoy your wealth and family. Little House can also provide bill pay services for an additional fee based on the level of reporting and approvals involved in the process.

These Services Include:

Administrative Services

  • Goal-Based Planning and Investing
  • Tax Strategies and Planning
  • Cash Flow and Liquidity Planning
  • Public and Private Investment
  • Estate, Philanthropy and Legacy
  • Access to Private Banking Services
  • Family Governance and Education
  • Generation Estate Strategies

Trusts and Estates

How should my estate be structured?

What is the current estate tax law and how do I navigate it to minimize taxes?

How do I select a trustee?

What language and structure best serve the needs of the family?

Your Little House team provides you with a framework to answer these questions. Often, we review existing legal documents to help you understand the pros and cons of these complex legal and tax structures. We are committed to ensuring that your estate plans produce the desired outcomes for the next generation.

Learn How Our Family Office Solutions Can Help Serve Your Needs

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