Financial Planning

Too often we look back and ask ourselves, “why didn’t I complete that financial plan before a specific life changing event occurred?”
Little House understands the importance of a well-designed wealth and estate plan that includes all aspects of life. Little House makes the planning process effortless by offering you a milestone driven approach, getting the job finished on-time and under budget. So let us help you by putting your financial house in order before a life changing event occurs.


Let us get to Know You.

When evaluating your specific circumstances, we use our Critical Issue Assessment checklist. This is supplemented with a detailed asset holdings review in which performance is back tested, reconciled against benchmarks, and risk is measured.


Establishing a Plan of Action

A detailed Scope Statement is prepared then presented with our potential clients. A detailed review is conducted to formulate a financial plan that emphasizes key milestones, expected costs, and time sensitive estate requirements.

Then Implement

Ongoing Assessment

All related planning applications and tools are populated with essential data. Forecasts, multi-generational planning, and investment results are reviewed. Modification to estate plans are implemented as required.

Define: Let Us Get to Know You

Depending on your specific planning needs, Little House will conduct a comprehensive review of the issues that matter most to you. Through Little House’s proprietary Critical Issue Assessment, we review and prioritize aspects of your plan requiring the most attention. Using our fully integrated automated planning tools allows us to populate key and essential data to forecast different scenarios and compare outcomes against your goals.

Investment Management

  • Determine asset allocation to support lifetime goals
  • Develop investment strategy for today’s capital markets
  • Aggregate data for consolidated, transparent reporting

Retirement Planning

  • Analyze current balance sheet and cash flow
  • Develop income and asset forecasting plan
  • Review IRA distribution options and beneficiary designations

Estate Planning

  • Review estate plan documents and fiduciary appointments
  • Confirm asset titling and beneficiary designations
  • Evaluate asset distribution plan at death, estate tax plan
  • Address special needs, elder care, medical concierge

Tax Planning

  • Evaluate current income tax profile
  • Review tax returns and identify tax reduction strategies
  • Discuss retirement plan distribution strategies

Disability Planning

  • Review current disability plan legal documents
  • Inform and educate family on planning decisions

Risk Management & Insurance

  • Review current coverages to confirm proper protection
  • Confirm ownership structures, beneficiary designations
  • Develop strategies for wealth accumulation and transfer

Charitable Giving & Family Gifting

  • Discuss family and charitable gifting goals
  • Review gifting strategies

Debt Management & Liabilities

  • Review lending needs and current credit facilities
  • Create plan to manage, refinance, and retire debts
  • Access to marketable securities lines of credit

Executive Compensation & Planning

  • Analyze stock options and restricted stock grants
  • Review diversification and single stock concentration
  • Develop stock sale and option exercise plan
  • Assist with tax, deferred compensation, and healthcare issues


  • Employee benefits / retirement plan review, design, and implementation
  • Succession planning for closely held businesses
  • Access to local industry specialists as needed

Planning Tools Designed for You

Little House offers each client access to eMoney financial planning’s platform. The secure planning portal assists in integrating the many professionals servicing your estate. Aggregating and linking all your outside accounts provides a centralized information hub providing real-time access and a consolidated summary of your true financial picture. Our data vault stores your critical data in a secure, fully backed up, cloud-based environment to help organize your critical documents in one centralized location.

Some Highlights

  • Collaborative cash flow analysis
  • Interactive retirement income planning
  • Robust “what-if” scenario builder
  • Comprehensive tax calculations

Advisor/Client Portal Links

  • Client Portal
  • Account Aggregation
  • Collaboration
  • Spending & Budgeting
  • Mobile Access
  • Alerts & Tasks
  • Customizable Views Available

Design: Establishing a Plan of Action

Now we focus on you. Little House acts as your general financial contractor aligning your planning vision, tax strategies, and investment objectives into an orchestrated and measured plan of action. Individuals that define their priorities and goals often have a greater likelihood of achieving success. Our promise is to make the process easy and efficient – this is what we do all year long.

The Plan

  • Scope Statement
  • Detailed Project Plan Approved
  • Critical Items Established
  • Investment Risk Assessment Completed
  • Strategies and Products Reviewed
  • Client Review

Becoming a Client

  • Direct access to advisors and investment professionals
  • 24/7 Daily online portal access to accounts
  • Monthly reporting statements from custodian
  • eMoney Access
    • Full financial picture with account aggregation and financial planning portal
    • DIY Aggregation of all outside accounts (investments, checking)
    • Digital Encrypted Vault to store key and sensitive documents centrally
  • Links to Little House’s Mobile Application
  • Benchmarked Performance Results
  • Formal Investment Reporting Requirements established
  • Use of Little House’s proprietary strategies and products
  • Access to Little House’s Research via on-line Content Gateway

Then Implement: Ongoing Assessment

Little House supplies continuous professional guidance and oversight over the relationship. We monitor your progress to confirm your plan remains aligned with your goals. Formulating a communication plan is essential, and whether we meet face-to-face, or by configuring a predetermined reporting package, Little House stands ready to give you the services you need.


  • Peace of Mind
  • Family Members Know Who to Contact in an Emergency
  • Coordination of Professionals
  • Risk Management Consolidated and Monitored

Other Savings

  • Tax impact monitored
  • Less Human Capital Needed
  • Professional and Money Management Costs Savings
  • Longer-Term Estate Planning Requirements


  • Aggregated View
  • Performance Results Measured Against Predetermined Benchmarks
  • Risk Management Review
  • Objectives Overlayed Against Investment Results
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