Little House Capital


Fill the Empty Chairs with Expertise

Sub Advisory and OCIO Services

Little House Capital creates an alliance with you to provide investment management, trading, and the latest wealth management technologies to allow you to continue your role stewarding your client relationships. Our investment solutions and products are governed by timely and tactical decision-making that can be easily monitored and reported to your clients. At Little House Capital Sub-Advisory, we understand the challenges of an evolving global investment landscape, both active and passive, and partner with you to deliver a truly institutional quality experience that today’s clients demand.

Investment Strategies and Products

Our Sub-Advisory offering uses our in-house active management products complemented by other global investment products to form risk-adjusted, objective-based investment strategies. At Little House Capital, we utilize our “Next Gen” web-based technology platform to provide you a distinct and separate “institutional quality” investment experience that few firms can offer. Over time our techniques, research, and technological expertise have demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategies – benefitting both you and your client.


  • Income Maximizer
  • Core Maximizer
  • Growth Maximizer


  • Dividend Income +
  • Core +
  • Absolute Opportunity +

Trading Platforms, Performance Reporting, Communication

We work with FolioDynamix to offer a truly end-to-end technology suite allowing for the automation and consistency across strategies, models, and individual investment accounts. Through this powerful technology platform, we can seamlessly “plug into” numerous custodians to ensure that trades are tracked and executed for your clients while leveraging our best ideas and tactical trading decisions. Our performance engine and monitoring tools identify market dislocation, making it possible to tactically adjust during uncertain market environments to enhance our ability to manage overall portfolio risk and opportunities. We believe transparency and client communications are imperative and as such we provide a web-based mechanism to analyze and discuss critical information with your clients.


  • Open Web-Based Architecture – Platform Agnostic
  • Block and Coordinated Trading Across Accounts
  • Overlay Management – Profiles for Investment Policies, Tax Management, Excluded Instruments
  • Dynamic, Market-Adjusted, Strategy and Product Management
  • DVP (Delivery versus Payment) Option Allowing for Solutions for Held Away Assets

Reporting and Communication

  • Enhanced, Institutional Quality Performance Reporting
  • Real-Time Alerts and Customizable Statements
  • Automated Investment Aggregation of Held-Away Assets
  • Marketing Updates on Product Information and Selling Points
  • In-Person Review and Updates
  • Competitive Pricing


Little House Capital also provides consulting services to Endowments, Financial Institutions, and other professional organizations. With a background encompassing all aspects of investment management practices and related technologies we undertake, on a selective basis, financial reviews that analyze the optimum investment strategies for clients. We often integrate our portfolio management reporting system, which provides a comprehensive assessment of an optimal pricing model for all related services you are currently receiving.


  • Consultancy – Portfolio Aggregation and Performance Reporting Systems
  • Product Review and Performance Back Testing
  • Investment Policy Statement Review and Compliance
  • Market and Cost Analysis