Little House Capital


It’s What You Can’t See That Matters

Our Next Gen Solution

Little House Capital seeks to redefine the client experience that has long been plagued by outdated applications and the inherent inadequacies associated with the secure exchange of information in and amongst the many entities serving our clients. Our Next Gen Wealth Solutions platform uses leading-edge technology providers whose systems all “speak” to each other, allowing for the seamless transfer of data between the various entities. Our deep understanding of these data integration issues will continue to drive efficiencies, freeing up more time for us to work with you.

Platform Highlights

Market Awareness. The daily flood of economic information is overwhelming and clients are demanding and expecting real-time analysis of changing economic trends. With us, you will experience sophisticated ways to better organize and understand investment risk and your overall financial and estate planning picture, as well as how to manage and adjust your goals as markets change.

Integration. Our strategic partnerships provide a single data-agnostic chassis that allows for daily automation off feeds from custodians, our planning applications, and investment management and trading platforms. Our system tracks the most granular level of details across asset classes and complex private ownership structures, creating a holistic view of your wealth.

Portfolio Standardization and Reporting. Our solution uses third-party data feeds to enhance incomplete or inaccurate portfolio data. This standardization helps manage transactions, investment holdings, tax lots, and other unstructured investment data to create a consistent way to view and manage your assets and portfolios.

Financial Planning. We integrate our capital market assumptions into our clients’ financial scenarios to interpret lifetime cash flows, demonstrate the effect of important decisions and illustrate “what-if” scenarios that may impact your future.

Security. Our technology providers meet or exceed all relevant and ever-advancing security protocols and standards to keep your investment data private and secure.