Little House Capital


Tomorrow Is Today


Our solutions are designed around the way individuals and their families, as well as institutions, work in today’s world. We embrace leading-edge technologies that enable the full integration of investment management and wealth planning into a single seamless solution for our clients. Little House Capital works with key technology providers to bring tomorrow’s wealth solutions into today’s client experience.

Technology Providers


Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab will serve as the custodian of your assets at our firm. Schwab boasts over $2 trillion in client assets, with approximately half of those assets held at professional wealth management firms like ours. They do no proprietary trading of their own capital, do not leverage their own balance sheet and maintain extremely low debt levels.



FolioDynamix is leading the evolution of the wealth management experience, with an end-to-end technology solution paired with a suite of advisory tools including model portfolios and research as well as overlay account options.



Addepar is a wealth management platform that provides investment professionals with the tools required to manage complex global portfolios. At Addepar’s core is a data aggregation framework that directly integrates with both internal systems and external institutions. The platform supports robust analysis and reporting with a focus on flexibility, accuracy and security.



Founded in 1984, Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research, providing data on an expansive range of investment offerings. Little House Capital has access to Morningstar’s deep research capabilities and robust analytics.