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Partners Letter

The wealth and investment management industry is undergoing rapid transformation. Advancements by emerging financial technology companies have resulted in tremendous opportunities for those individuals and entities willing to explore new possibilities. Our founding partner served as the Chief Investment Officer at a large wealth management company, was an institutionally ranked senior analyst at Banc of America Merrill Lynch, and worked for a large CPA firm. The partners, with years of collective experience in the wealth and investment management industry, understand the difficulties clients face when distinguishing between the various services that many wealth and investment management firms offer.

Investment companies are often ill-equipped to make a substantial investment in more sophisticated and proven technologies and instead continue to rely on outdated and/or legacy-based applications. The industry’s legacy-based practices and technologies were never developed to comprehend the web’s information transformation which now requires the seamless and secure exchange of information in and amongst the many entities serving our clients. Only a handful of investment managers and advisors are making this a priority and almost none offer a framework to consolidate financial information into a single view that assesses overall risk within the backdrop of the changing investment landscape. Clients often receive wealth and investments statements from many sources, in varying formats, and with no mechanism to uniformly consolidate this information and reflect it back with regard to risks, specific goals, and desired outcomes.

At Little House Capital, we have created a wealth management firm that invests in, and embraces, the next generation of web-based solutions to provide our clients a truly unique client experience that is predicated on their specific needs and longer-term goals. Our next generation platform integrates client information and data from various sources into a consolidated and normalized assessment of our clients’ wealth. This coordinated financial framework allows for a unified method for us to observe our clients’ strategies and portfolios in real time and to better understand the overall portfolio risk and opportunities facing our clients.

This effort is enhanced by our years of practical experience with managing large pools of assets, resulting in the refinement of our broad-based asset allocation methodologies and industry-specific knowledge. These capabilities combined with the broadening of our computer-centric screening techniques allow us to provide our clients a truly “institutional quality” investment experience. Over time our techniques, research, and technological expertise have demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategies.

At Little House Capital we maintain and demand a tenured culture of excellence, professionalism, curiosity, and focus with an unwavering passion to care and act in the best interest of our clients. It is our sincere desire to achieve the results that our clients have come to expect from us. Our goal is to embrace innovation and challenge conventional wisdom to provide wealthy individuals, their families, trusts and foundations superior investment results and an exceptional wealth management and planning experience. We are grateful for the trust our clients put in us.

On behalf of the partners,

robert stimson signature

Robert C. Stimson, CPA
Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer